Julien Lozano

julien lozano
julien lozano
Here is my story

How it started

My long-time passion for football (I started playing at 8 and never stopped!), travelling and learning about other cultures has helped me to fully commit to my objectives.

Born in Spain, I grew up between France and the Iberian Peninsula. My strong taste for travels and discovery naturally lead me to a specialization in literature in High- School and to foreign languages studies at University. My academic career allowed me to travel and to realize that my thirst for discovery and exchanging was unquenchable!


Translation and Interpretation

Julien Lozano football


English Teaching Certification


Football Trainer's Diploma

My career - step 1

After beginning my career as a Translator-Interpreter, I took a turn towards teaching Spanish and English in secondary school, from 7th to 12th grade, both in classical education and in technical colleges. Thanks to these experiences I had the opportunity to perfect my knowledge and skills and passed the « CAPES Anglais » (National English Teaching test) in 2018.

I have always had a profound passion for football and I passed my first coaching certification at 17 years old– a training and educative course that would eventually lead me to coach youth teams in Evian-Thonon-Gaillard FC (professional Ligue 1 team at the time) in 2013 and to the UEFA A Coaching title in 2017.

During my time at the ETG, which then became Thonon-Evian-Grand Genève FC, I had the opportunity to coach numerous talents from U14 to U17 categories at local, regional, and national levels.

julien lozano
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My Career - Step 2

In 2018, my career took another turn when I accepted a position as Education Manager in a brand-new structure: The International Center of European Football (ICEF, international football private academy located between Thonon and Evian, by the Léman Lake, France). Thanks to this formidable experience, I was able to unite my passions for football and teaching. 

After actively participating in the ICEF project and being in charge of the creation of their Academic system, I have chosen a new project. I am now able to share all of the experience I have gained throughout the years, and the networks that I have been building up until now. I advise, help, and bring solutions to schools, football clubs, and sports associations!


« You have questions, we have solutions »